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Lack of Badgers

‘Not many badgers in the House of Lords.’

The absolutely brilliant reply of Arthur Gore, 8th Earl of Arran (1910-1983), Conservative whip in the (British) House of Lords, when asked why the so-called Badger Bill had not received enough support to pass whereas the one for decriminalising homosexuality had.

Homosexuality between two consenting adult males was decriminalised after the private member’s bill by the Labour MP Leo Abse (1917-2008), in 1967. Both bills were supported by Lord Arran.

I couldn’t help thinking of the wise Mr. Badger from ‘Wind in the Willows‘, he would have been most suitable for a peerage.
The things you come across and think about while doing some simple checks…


(NB: The picture of Mr. Badger was made by the great illustrator C.G.Young)


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