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Being Busy but Feeling Good

It’s busy these days, but I do have some posts in concept. So many of my research notes have proven to be interesting and bringing forth so much extra background information that I want to deliver them not hastily, but properly. This however, also means that they take a bit more time than expected.

Hard as it is, in between work and daily life, I do try to keep up with everything in music, literature, news, etcetera. And I find myself more and more, grabbing back to old things… after all: I like old things (so) Love me more. Although the vast amount of material on Youtube is invincible, I have come to like Vimeo even more, not just for the quality of the sound and video’s, but especially for the creativity. It takes some getting used to, as the interface is not always that open – that is, once you are used to Youtube. But many a time I have been surprised about the great videos available there. And last night I found one of my favourites. Everyone, even those with the littlest knowledge of music history knows it, and if they don’t: They should. Feeling Good, which has only been done justice by the great Nina Simone (1933-2003). Nothing bad about any other performer who has covered it, but she’s the best.

I hope everyone is busy, but also feeling good.


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