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Three-hundred Year old Words of Wisdom ~ (Merry Holidays!)

Pieter Claesz. (ca.1597 - Haarlem 1660)Still life with Turkey-Pie, 1627Oil on panel - 75x132 cmCollection Rijksmuseum Amsterdam (Holland)

Pieter Claesz. (ca.1597 – Haarlem 1660)
Still life with Turkey-Pie, 1627
Oil on panel – 75×132 cm
Collection Rijksmuseum Amsterdam (Holland)

For this year’s Holiday and New Year wishes, I decided to dust off an old truth.
It is a quote from an ancestor who wrote these words to end a letter to a friend, presumably in Holland. To whom he wrote it, I never found out, but among his papers was found a copy of this letter which must have served as a draft version; seen to the crossing-out of words and rephrasing of his sentences, he took the time in writing this letter to his friend.

In past years I have used it several times for my own annual wishes to family, friends, and colleagues; and looking at my own additional words when I used it last, they are still as valid as ever. Whenever I read this quote, I still feel that time holds still for a few moments and that these words, written on an undoubtedly snowy day or night in 1694, are timeless and the very truth of our existence.

From the Personal Papers of Theodorus de Rietveldt (ca.1614-1698) (Private Collection)

From the Personal Papers of Theodorus de Rietveldt (ca.1614-1698) (Private Collection)

I wish everyone warm holidays and all the best in prosperity,
health, and happiness for the upcoming year.
And, think about life – it does go fast.


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