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The same Procedure as last Year? – A New Year’s Eve Tradition


This is a classic – a British sketch traditionally broadcasted in Germany on Silvester Abend (New Year’s Eve).

Dinner for One is a sketch written for the theatre in the twenties, but filmed for the first time for television in the early sixties, which became an unexpected success quite soon after its release. And so well deserved, I can’t help myself to laugh, every year again. The sketch has perhaps gained more fame under its German title: Der 90. Geburtstag, the 90th birthday because the dinner for is after in honour of Miss Sophie’s birthday which she keeps on celebrating with her old friends even though all of them have long gone. It is performed by two British comedy-actors: Freddy Frinton (1909-1968) and May Warden (1891-1978). For more info see it’s wiki-page

I think this must be one of the few shows broadcasted in Germany, which goes without subtitling, even though it’s very English and recorded by the Norddeutcher Rundfunk, a German television broadcaster. I chose this version because it’s the original, just coloured – the introduction is therefore in German, but the rest of the sketch (starting: 02.30) is in English


Ich wünsche euch allen eine schönes Silvester !

I wish everyone a great New Year’s Eve !

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