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A Stray Paper ~ The Ximenes Family Record

It often puzzles me how family papers can go astray. Of course, there are many explanations possible: It could have ended up in a book, never retrieved, and the book sold at some point; slid behind a drawer and left there unknowingly for years; or passed down generations and perhaps handed to friends or neighbours for safekeeping. Most of these papers end up being thrown away eventually, or worse – however, sometimes they survive.


The Ximenes Family Record

How it ended up in our family archive – I haven’t got the faintest idea, but it seems that the family and the people mentioned on this piece of paper have little to do with my own ancestors. A quick search on the internet didn’t give me much to work with as the surname Ximenes is spelled in various ways, and, even though not so in the region where these people lived, it is a rather common name on the Iberian peninsula. The result being an overload of Spanish and Portugese families but few in the north.

Somewhere, at some point, someone has to start with putting it on the internet, before we can discover where it belongs or, perhaps, even where it came from. Chances are that someone puts their ancestor’s names in a search-engine and finds the link; that is still the marvel of the internet. Therefore, by means of my own blog, I am putting this piece of paper in the world wide window, hoping a descendant might find it through a search or a tip-off from some researcher.

And who knows; this old a strayed piece of paper might just find a suitable home again.


Paper – 18th century / early 19th century
Dimensions – 37.8 x 15.8 cm (14 7/8 x 6 7/32 inches)
Language – (old) Dutch
Writer: Nicolais Joseph Ximenes (1747-after 1808)
Type – It seems to be a list for a family bible.
Notes – Seen to the steady hand of writing, the seemingly absence of corrections and later additions – it seems to be jotted down all at once. The places en churches mentioned show that the family was of the Roman-Catholic faith and living in Flanders. Their possible heritage could be Iberian.

Genealogical data:

I – Joseph Ximenes
Born about 1697 in Gent
Died 10 June 1752 in Antwerpen

Married in the year 1740 in De[nde]rmonde to;
Joanna Baere
Born in Brugge, baptized in the Sint-Anna Kerk (Church of Saint-Anne)
Died 11 March 1800 in the Hospital of Brugge
Issue from this marriage:
1. Joannes Ximenes, born 27 June 1744 in Nieuwpoort (godfather Frederijk Flour, godmother Breghita Allegonde Lois), died 30 november 1799 in the Hospital of Oostende.
2. Nicolas Joseph Ximenes, follows II

II – Nicolaes Joseph Ximenes
Born 27 October 1747 in Luxembourg ‘op den ram’ (?)
Died after 1808 (death second wife)

Married (1) 24 June 1771 to;
Francisca Alter
Born 28 December 1744 in Oostende
Died 16 November 1783
Issue from this marriage:
1. Pieter Ximenes, born 29 June 1772, died 19 June 1783
2. Joanna Ximenes, born 27 October 1776
3. Marianna Ximenes, born 12 March 1779, died 30 December 1782
4. Anna Ximenes, born 20 October 1781, died 24 October 1781
5. Livinus Ximenes, born 15 May 1783, died 30 May 1783

Married (2) 13 April 1785 to;
Joanna Denef
Born 1 December 1749 in V[e]urne, baptized in the Sint-Niklaaskerk (Church of Saint-Nicholas)
Died 24 June 1808
Issue from this marriage:
1. Anna Ximenes, born 16 June 1790
2. Joannes Ximenes, born 8 October 1792


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