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After you’ve gone ~ First Lady of Jazz, Rita Reys (1924-2013)

This is what I call a bad start of the day. Whilst putting on some music to make breakfast and browsing through e-mail and the latest news, my jazz-playlist first picked out After you’ve gone. My favourite is a recording from 1963 by Rita Reys & the Dutch Swing College Band. Great music, especially on a lazy sunny sunday like this – however, a few minutes later I read on the news pages that Europe’s First Lady of Jazz, Rita Reys, passed away during the night.


In Memoriam – Rita Reys (1924-2013)


Mrs. Rita Jacobs Reys, commonly known as Rita Reys, died 88 years old, from the results of intracranial hemorrhage she suffered earlier this week. Despite her high age she never stopped working and just kept on going with recording and performed live until earlier this month – and even with concerts planned this very Autumn. Seventy years on stage – she was an amazing, multiple-awarded, highly respected artist. Thankfully, her voice and music remain. And this proves the (mourning) motto of my family: Les morts sont vivants – the dead shall live. As with other great artists, whom have passed away over the years, new generations of jazz-lovers will come and surely appreciate her work.

Mrs. Reys, albeit too soon: Rest in well-deserved peace.

You will be sorely missed.

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