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The Hour has come ~ Sadness & Madness in Corsican Passion

So many notes and notebooks from past years; sometimes you re-encounter something, a quote, a historical fact, or music – and you are quite certain: There is a note about it in one of them, but where to find it again?

Today I was working on an article and put on a playlist. And there it was again, that clear single, soft note of the cornetto; the start of a song of lament to the Virgin Mary: Maria (Sopra La Carpinese). Once placed on that list for good reason as it is bursting with Corsican passion; so heartstakingly beautiful that you feel the sorrow, even if you do not understand the language.

I just knew I had made a note of the lyrics before and even tried my hand at a translation. The search was surprisingly brief and the result even better than I had thought.

It is a mere Friday, and nowhere near Good Friday, but nevertheless we have entered that time of the year when the birth of Mary’s son (and thus the start of it all) is at the centre of attention. And at the same time it does strike a universal chord when sung; because when force overcomes reason, one can expect nothing but sadness and madness.

‘Maria (Sopra la Carpinese)’, by Christina Pluhar / l’Arpeggiata / Barbara Furtuna, Via Crucis (Warner Classics, 2010)


Lyrics Maria (Sopra La Carpinese)



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